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Title: Confetti Artist: Life And Times 0 plays

the life and times - confetti

i need a night that feels like this song.

  01/06/14 at 08:16pm

i keep meaning to tell the internet that this is my favorite album cover of all time and maybe my favorite image in general.

taking in momentary visual and aural stimuli is about the closest i can get to a religious experience. listening to the sounds on this record and seeing this shot evokes a lot of nostalgia, curiosity, and other things in my brain.

i love it.

  03/03/13 at 09:23pm

the life and times - tragic boogie

we dance ‘cause we’re lost.
we’re doomed astronauts.

  01/22/13 at 08:48pm

the life and times - the sound of the ground

seriously, folks. i love this band.

i want to make sounds like theirs.

  12/06/12 at 09:04am

the life and times - little 4notes

there’s another person in my brain. he smokes cigarettes and has scars from not quite nailing that landing. he doesn’t talk much, but when he does, it matters. he is much cooler than i will ever be. this is his favorite band.

  09/28/12 at 10:47pm
Title: Day One Artist: The Life And Times 31 plays

day one(94): the life and times - day one

this band pretty much sounds like what i’d like music to sound if i made it. that probably wasn’t the most eloquent way of putting that, but, you know. whatevz. they’re spacy, crunchy, bombastic… sort of weird. like me! fuck yeah.

listen to all of their albums. actually, cheater moment: watch this video of them playing live. it’s magics.

(i should probably have saved this track for next year’s mix, but this album has days one through twelve, so i guess i can just use one of thems.) the honeybee is present. take notice.

  02/27/12 at 10:46pm