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ready for the motherfuckin weekend, y’all. and i’m actually off both days! #tiredasfuck

  06/13/14 at 01:11am

sometimes i call my friends and ask them to hang out, then fall asleep before any of them call me back.

then i wake up around midnight. and take a picture of myself.

  02/23/14 at 12:48am

ghost parka.

  02/03/14 at 01:22am

i hear you, mosquito, and i will find you.

and you will die. or be shoo’d outside. where you will also likely die.

(p.s.: i guess my webcam isn’t broken anymore. yay?)

  05/14/13 at 10:55pm

this is what the bottom-most part of my face looks like right now.

  02/27/13 at 12:33am

sometimes i drink things and am photographed.

also, i sometimes forget acquiring what can only be classified as jock friends. you know, the dudes who would have hated my weird ass in high school.

these dudes are alright though. good times, sirs.

  04/05/12 at 01:45am

my chin is naked for the first time in quite awhile.

everywhere feels a little bit colder. this probably won’t last.

also, peep this tvt caribou shirt and  accidental murder stare. i’m so very intimidating.

  03/30/12 at 11:18pm

i guess i forgot to mention that i got a pretty awesome point and shoot for christmas.

also, i have a pirated version of photoshop. and i haven’t shaved since tuesday.


  01/06/12 at 01:27am

that’s right, ladies.

certified playstation expert.

  12/12/11 at 07:41pm


  12/04/11 at 08:05pm