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failure - solaris

i’ve been freezing my time.
i’ve been slowing my breath.
i’ve been saving my soul.
i want you to freeze too.

are you haunting me again.
are you thawing out my head?
i want you to get out.

i’m on an ocean
that has a brain and makes us dream.
i’m on a mission
to wipe imagination clean.
you grow inside me,
dieing, time and time again.
i’m on a mission
to escape from what my life has been…

  06/25/14 at 01:10am

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ttng - if i sit still, maybe i’ll get out of here


  06/24/14 at 12:42am
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the life and times - little 4notes


  06/23/14 at 03:50am

driving myself crazy.

  06/23/14 at 02:05am

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  06/22/14 at 02:14pm


I wanna fill my head, with white thoughts and blood so clean- The Focus 

the stars can’t save you.

  06/22/14 at 02:37am

van halen - i’m the one

show your love, babe!

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