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los doyers.

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and, also, probably bang a lot!

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ben foster was fucking AMAZING in ‘3:10 to yuma’.

super dug this character.

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  • gatsby: haha yeah......................old sport
  • nick: do you have a signature on your texts?
  • gatsby: no............................old sport


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i want to go to somewhere. and just drive.

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yay, inventory. yay.

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Blue-Ringed OctopusHapalochlaena maculosa

With its fascinating coloring and delicate curling arms, the blue-ringed octopus may be a beautiful creature, but this small cephalopod is also deadly. The blue-ringed octopus appears grey or beige with light brown patches when it is at rest, but when agitated its 50 or 60 bright blue rings appear and pulsate with color, as a warning. Inside the salivary glands of the blue-ringed octopus live colonies of bacteria that produce tetrodotoxin, the potent neurotoxin found in pufferfish and other animals. A bite from a blue-ringed octopus can completely paralyze and kill an adult human in a matter of minutes. There is no known antidote. The octopus itself is not affected at all by the toxin-an evolutionary prerequisite for the symbiotic relationship that has developed between the blue-ringed octopus and the toxin-producing bacteria.” -

(Photo by Chris Reschman)

cephalopods, still being the goddamned best.

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