Today is the day that Marty McFly goes to the future!

life happenings.

  03/30/14 at 08:57pm

makers gettin passed. twilight bloomin’. good times.

  03/30/14 at 07:22pm


  03/30/14 at 01:27pm

"rick and morty and their adventures, morty. rick and morty forever and forever- a hundred years, rick and morty… some things… me and rick and morty, runnin’ around, and… rick and morty time… a-all day long, forever… all a-a hundred days, rick and morty! forever- a hundred times… over and over, rick and morty… adventures dot com… w-w-w dot at rick and morty dot com… w-w-w… rick and morty adventures… ah-hundred years… every minute rick and morty dot com…. w-w-w a hundred times… rick and morty dot com…"

  03/30/14 at 01:21pm

quenching a thirst i wasn’t even aware i had.

  03/28/14 at 12:33am


  03/27/14 at 11:24pm

best time of the year!

  03/27/14 at 07:50pm

murder by death - no oath, no spell (‘jam in the van’ session)

let’s cast off,
you and i.

  03/27/14 at 12:01am


  03/26/14 at 06:49pm