'Lost Bees', album by The Life And Times, on Spotify

holy shit, god damn, this album is amazing. such good tunes, and great sequencing. bounces around from somber to exciting, spacy to explosive, and lots of places in between. please check it out, friends. and if you like it, pre-order the CD version or  buy the digital one.

because these dudes totally deserve it and supporting music is the lost bee’s knees.

  08/07/14 at 03:39pm

When you see a fine ass woman..


When she says she loves video games..

When you find a girl like that, you never LEGO of her.


this is goddamned amazing.

  08/07/14 at 12:35am



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well, i see you’ve got your bible, your delusion imagery.
well, i don’t need your eternity or your meaning to feel free.
i just live because i love to, and that’s enough, you see.
so, don’t come preach about morality that’s just human sense to me.

  08/03/14 at 09:53pm


this website isn’t any fun when you

1.don’t have any friends

2. aren’t high

  08/03/14 at 01:50pm

better than best.

  08/01/14 at 12:36pm

fuckin brain. shut up already.

  08/01/14 at 06:07am

lauren o’connell, olivia lee, and lauren grubb - deep, red bells (neko case cover)

most excellent.