Android Legacy: Soul Of A New Machine by fantasio

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So uhh, my clothing dye ate through my gloves…..

a look tbh

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South Park proves just how fucking simple it is to explain to children what transgender people and transsexual people are.

do not fucking support south park’s mister garrison bullshit or south park in anyway and act like it’s any shining example of how any transgender shit should go down at all south park is where the “i identify as a dolphin” bullshit started in THAT EXACT FUCKING EPISODE south park is worse than family guy by six thousand fucking degrees and then this conversaiont here was used by kyle to justify him getting surgery to become black this was not a t ransgender positive episode this was being used as a reductio ad absurddum against us the TransgEnders

also, though, the show is incredibly satirical comedy and was likely pointing out that positive messages are occasionally misinterpreted/exploited by people.

or whatever.


Wang Ruilin



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reading an article about j.p. howell’s performance so far in the nlds and a very specific image popped into my head when i hit this sentence.


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they will never be royals.

i need you
to give it meaning.
i need you to share the view,
or it becomes
a time for me to love myself,
like every other thing i do.

if she don’t hold me right,
she’s never gonna get me there.
not tonight.

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Hunting Sword

  • Dated: circa 1600
  • Culture: European
  • Measurements: overall length 69.5cm; handle length 13.5cm; sheath length 56cm

The hilt of the swords features a horn handle, knuckle bow, side ring and ‘S’ shaped quillons. These are all richly decorated and engraved with various patterns and animals. There are traces of gold in the engravings. The blade is a saber-like falchion blade measuring 5 cm wide that has engravings on either side of the blade and on the false edge, too.

These images include hunting scenes, both on foot and on horseback. There’s also an inscription, “VIVAT M.T”, which also has some traces of gold. On the opposite side there’s a coat or arms represented by a crown above a double headed eagle. The sword is accompanied by a fork and knife which are held in a forward pocket on the exterior of the sheath.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Antiques Armoury

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