these are cool as fuuuuuck.

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billie holiday - i’ll be seeing you

i’ll find you in the morning sun,
and when the night is new,
i’ll be looking at the moon,
but i’ll be seeing you.

  04/21/14 at 02:18am

this halo around my neck
has torn out every stitch.

  04/20/14 at 07:17pm

teach it to smoke, duh.

  04/20/14 at 05:53pm
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setting sun deals hands of gold… #mexicola

  04/20/14 at 05:09pm


How to compare something to the holocaust:

  • don’t.

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  04/20/14 at 12:21pm
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straight mad scientist.

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  04/20/14 at 03:03am
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